Scientists from around the world converged on Brisbane for the first World Science Festival to be held outside New York. 'Conversations' hosted a storytelling night, where selected festival guests, all foremost in their fields, shared personal stories.

Stories by:

  • Professor Ian Frazer - inventor of the technology behind the HPV vaccine and CEO of Translational Research Institute, Brisbane, Australia. Ian was 2006 Australian of the Year, and is President of the Australian Academy of Health and Medical Science.
  • Dr Julienne Stroeve - research scientist with the National Snow and Ice Data Center in Colorado. Visit Julienne's blog 'Ice Edge 2012' for images from her research trips.
  • Dr Simon Kyaga - attending physician in psychiatry at the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden.
  • Professor Priya Natarajan - Professor of Astronomy and Physics at Yale University. Priya's book, 'Mapping the Heavens', is published by Yale University Press.
  • John Hockenberry - award-winning US broadcaster and disability advocate. John hosts WNYC and PRI radio program, 'The Takeaway'.

Hosted by Richard Fidler
Produced by Pam O'Brien, Michelle Ransom-Hughes, Richard Fidler, and Justin Bull